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Customized Engraved Groomsman Flasks

Wedding is a special event for a bride and groom to tie the knot and start a new life. In most weddings, the groom has his best friend, brother, cousin or father to be his best men or groomsman at his side. The groomsman has an important role in the groom’s life for he serves as advisor to the groom beforehand. The groomsman helps the groom to be organized, aids with any wedding planning details, helps seat guests the wedding, and occasionally holds onto the ring.

As history has it, the ancient flasks have been used by Greeks, Romans, and Scotts for hundreds of years, made of hard fruits and leather hides. These vessels have been noted to be a symbol of masculinity. This tradition carried over into the 18th century, yet flasks where then made of different material due to different environments and locale.

Today we continue using flasks to honor our special men in our lives. We carry on this tradition of customized engraved groomsman flask into our western wedding ceremonies to honor the special best man who stands by the groom in all occasion of life. The times they spend together at office parties, golf games, get-well party, birthday parties or just any times they honor one another!
A groomsman takes on considerable expenses involved in being model best man at the wedding. He, the groomsman, has to pay for his travel hotel and appeal also arranges bachelor parties, and organize gifts at the wedding. In order to honor this special person in your life, arrange a customized engraved groomsman flask or any one of our embossed collection of unique flasks, that will be cherished for all his life and create an even deeper bond between the groomsman and the groom.

At Dreamflasks.com we have a variety of flasks that can be used for groomsmen gift ideas. Check these ones out:


Original flasks were made of glass, leather, hide, and/or silver. Today’s flasks are commonly made of stainless steel, which is rust proof. Stainless steel has a masculine rustic, yet elegant look. It is easy to engrave for any occasion. Stainless steel does not change the liquid’s taste and therefore preferred by many over leather flasks. Stainless steel flasks are safe, in case they are dropped; nothing breaks, compared to the glass counterparts.

Our flasks come in different sizes 6oz flasks and 8oz flasks to hold various liquids; from your desirable liquor, to a cough medicine, or even water. Due to its make of stainless steel, it holds your drink cool. At DreamFlasks.com we pride ourselves to provide you with the best engraved flask design for your honorable groomsmen in your life. We suggest you can never get enough from our hip flasks for all occasion. Please visit our site at www.Dreamflasks.com for special discounts.


Personalized engraved flasks – They will thank you

Looking for a possible gift for bride’s grooms, I never thought of all the various situations in which a flask would come in handy. Prior to my one small reason to search the internet for personalized engraved flasks, I did not realize the enormity of the types and styles of flasks. The immense variety of styles, sizes, quality, materials, designs that are available at Dream Flasks got me to thinking … Hey, for just about every reason I lug around a multitude of water bottles/containers, I could use ONE customized or personalized flask! Instead of populating the world with my water bottles and other various liquid containers, hoping they’ll at least be recycled, I could be using an engraved flask! All those expensive, cute, decorator drink receptacles I have bought and lost over the year…If only I had had a personalized engraved flasks. Something that would have had some sort of identifier engraved on it. If I had had that I probably would not be out purchasing new liquid containers on a regular basis.

I started purchasing “impressive” looking jugs, bottles, glasses thinking I was being cute or cool. Heck I thought, at least I was using something re-useable instead of wasting plastic bottles and filling trash receptacles with unwanted trash! Then I began leaving them everywhere I went. The money I spent ranged anywhere from $2.00 to $22.00 for these precious liquid containers. I am one of those people who feel you cannot go anywhere with water or some type of liquid with you….Do you have any idea how many really cool customized engraved flasks I could have bought with all that money? I mean think about it what are you less likely to leave behind somewhere? Wouldn’t you be less likely to leave behind something that fit in your pocket, pants, shirt or purse for that matter?

And after getting disgusted with losing my “designer” bottles or fancy “to go” cups, I started reusing plastic water bottles. That is until I read about the BPA dangers in using the plastic bottles as containers. Not to mention the fact that despite my recycling efforts I was adding to the negative environmental issues of too much garbage! Now I have forgotten the reason I even came to this fabulous site filled with endless choices in engraved flasks. Oh yeah, a gift for men, and I am a woman. There are actually flasks designed for women! Oh my stars! Are there ever. There are personalized engraved flasks for female in a large variety of styles that can be customized to your desire as well. All I could think of was, forget the groomsmen’s gifts, I need to get one or two or three engraved flasks for myself! Maybe one for dress, one for casual, one for small amounts of drinks, one for larger amounts, one for my purse, one for my pocket, one for bike rides, one for my car, HECK even one personalized engraved flasks for the dog to take on dog outings!!! I think I’m on to something. Anybody else out there thinking of the other multitudes of uses of these specialty flasks???

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The Engraved Flask: A Perfect Groomsmen Gift

Shopping is not something that tops many grooms’ list of favorite things to do. Consequently, when it comes time to shop for the groomsmen gifts, they find themselves in a bit of a quandary. Yea, they want to do something special and unique for the guys who have been there through thick and thin, but the thought of spending a great deal of time shopping, can be a bit daunting. Enter the engraved flask.

Hip flasks have been in use for centuries and have long been a favorite gift item for men – especially as part of wedding festivities. In fact, history states that flask are often given as groomsmen gifts because it would ensure the success of the marriage; it is viewed as a symbol that while the groom’s new life will mean spending more time with his bride, that his friends will not be forgotten. The engraved flask takes things a step beyond, as it shows that the groom knows his friends well, and has taken the time to select an engraved flask that is a reminder of the friendship.

Tips for Selecting Engraved Flask

While in bygone years, flasks were of a more standard shape and material, today there are many options from which to select. So, should one chose to purchase engraved flasks as gifts, be sure to consider the variety of flasks features. These can include the material it is made out of (wood, metal and even see-through styles), the shape (can be the traditional square, circular, triangular or even horn-shaped) and adornment (leather, etched or decorated).

If you opt to give engraved flasks as gifts, then it is vital that you give a bit of thought to what to have depicted. After all, what is the point of having an engraved flask, if there is no significance? Some engraved flask ideas might be to include a quote, a funny memory, the person’s initials, their role in the wedding, the name of the bride and groom and the wedding date. A side regarding the engraved flask – engraving is often charged by the character, so one may wish to keep the engraved flask message short, if on a tight budget.

If budgeting is a must, it is recommended that one choose the traditional square flask, then have it engraved with just the recipient’s initials. Even a simply engraved flask is wonderful way to let your groomsmen know that they are important and special to you.

Also, if you have some groomsmen where, for whatever reason, an engraved flask might not be appropriate, consider an aluminum drinking bottle. These, too can be engraved to commemorate the occasion.

Engraved flasks are a wonderful and classic way to say thanks to those friends who have been there for you through all life has had to offer. By taking the time to have the flask engraved, you are letting each one of them know just how much they mean to you. Besides, being sure your buds have an engraved hip flask means that they are ready for a quick toast, at any given time! So, select the engraved flask with care and get ready to celebrate.


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The Dos and Don’ts of Using a Hip Flask

In days gone by, every well dress gentlemen (and even some of the ladies) carried a hip flask. After all, they were a classier equivalent to carrying around a canteen and held just enough sustenance to go through a couple of days. The flasks might be elaborate with jewels and etchings or basic and unenhanced, but it was about function more than fanciful.

It should also be pointed out that the carrying of a flask does not an alcoholic make! In fact, the flask was not designed to carry enough of a beverage to intoxicate. (This conception, that a flask equals a drunk, is traced back to Edwardian England times where temperance movements were common.) Rather,  these hip flasks were designed to allow a person to always be prepared- whether it was by sharing in drinks with friends or even being used to revive a lady friend. Today, we have many other options for quenching one’s thirst or reviving a friend, but that in no way lessens the interest and revival of carrying a hip flask. In fact, hip flasks have become favorite gift items for the groomsmen.

However, should you be the proud owner, or perhaps recipient of a hip flask, then there are some basic rules of etiquette you will want to adhere to. Some of these “rules” date back to bygone years, others are a bit more modern. So, to ensure you are properly enjoying your hip flask, take a moment to peruse these Do’s and Don’ts:

Hip Flask Usage Do’s

  • Carry your hip flask in a blazer or coat pocket. If it is carried in an actual hip pocket, the beverage will get warm; besides that might be a bit uncomfortable.
  • If you do take out your flask in a group, remember your manners, and offer to share.
  • Be sure you are aware of any local driving laws! You should also be aware of any local customs, not all cultures are okay with public consumption of alcohol.
  • If possible, finish the contents of the hip flask the day you fill it.
  • Do be sure to wash it out after each use with warm soapy water. Then let it set a few minutes followed by rinsing with cold water. To be sure it is clean, a pipe cleaner can be used to “scrub” the inside.
  • Do not fill your flask with anything other than whisky; some spirits can actually cause damage to your flask.
  • Do not leave the contents of your flask there for more than 3 days, as this, too can cause damage.
  • Taking small sips is not recommended as the design of a flask actually limits the ability of the aroma to release, thus taking away from the pleasure.
  • Do not fill it with overly sweet or strong fragrant whiskeys. Flasks are meant to be discreet.

Hip Flask Usage Don’ts

There are other hip flask rules of etiquette, but the simple answer is to use your hip flask, and its contents, responsibly. These beautiful containers have been around for years and offer one an elegant way to enjoy a discrete drink in a crowded room or a quick toast with friends. So, if you are looking for a great groomsmen’s gift or just want something special for yourself, a hip flask is the perfect item.

What are Some Great Groomsmen Gifts?

You finally did it…you asked the love of your life to marry you. Now everywhere you turn there are boxes of wedding decoration, suits to try on, dresses to purchase, parties to attend and numerous other actions and events to be a part of. Along the way, you also choose your wedding party and they, too, have been busy helping with running errands, planning showers and sundry other aspects of getting ready for your big day. And what would you do without these amazing people in your wedding party? They are certainly important and, it is important to take some time to say thanks. One of the most common ways is through bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts.

For some, shopping for the bridesmaids might seem easy, but what about those groomsmen’s gifts? In reality, groomsmen gifts are just as varied as those for the ladies in the group are. But, if deciding what will make the perfect groomsmen gift leaves you a bit stressed, then here are some commonly chosen items that you can easily personalize.

Barware and drinking items –If your pals love to party, you might consider engraved flask, an engraved whiskey barrel, shot glass sets, corkscrews or bottle openers, beer steins, a bottle of their favorite liquor or, for the poker playing crowd, personalized decks of cards or poker chips all make fun groomsmen gifts.

Sports items – From sports jersey to event tickets, items that feature the logos of their favorite NFL, MLB, NBA, etc. team and personalized baseball hats these make great groomsmen gifts—no matter what the age of your groomsmen. Other sports related groomsmen gifts include golfing equipment or perhaps a voucher for time at their favorite course, fishing gear and camping equipment.

Outings – Not all groomsmen’s gifts have to be something you can wrap. Think outside the box and plan a casino night (Hmm….is Vegas or Atlantic City in the budget?), a camping or fishing excursion, a sporting event or even concerts are all great ways to let your groomsmen know how much they mean to you.

Personal items – Want to keep the groomsmen gifts simple and maybe even more practical? Then consider the following ideas for best buds: engraved pocketknife or multi-tool, cufflinks, money clip, lighters, pens, business card holders and wallets.

BBQ/Grilling gear – Another great groomsmen gift option is grilling items such as a nice set of grilling gear—metal spatula, tongs, grill tray, and perhaps some seasonings and a fun apron. After all, there’s always time to throw a steak or two on the grill and hang out with friends!

Buying groomsmen gifts is quite fun and it is a wonderful to say thanks to the guys who have stuck with you through thick and thin. Put some thought into the groomsmen gifts you chose and then get ready to see the smiles.

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