What are Some Great Groomsmen Gifts?

by dreamflasks

You finally did it…you asked the love of your life to marry you. Now everywhere you turn there are boxes of wedding decoration, suits to try on, dresses to purchase, parties to attend and numerous other actions and events to be a part of. Along the way, you also choose your wedding party and they, too, have been busy helping with running errands, planning showers and sundry other aspects of getting ready for your big day. And what would you do without these amazing people in your wedding party? They are certainly important and, it is important to take some time to say thanks. One of the most common ways is through bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts.

For some, shopping for the bridesmaids might seem easy, but what about those groomsmen’s gifts? In reality, groomsmen gifts are just as varied as those for the ladies in the group are. But, if deciding what will make the perfect groomsmen gift leaves you a bit stressed, then here are some commonly chosen items that you can easily personalize.

Barware and drinking items –If your pals love to party, you might consider engraved flask, an engraved whiskey barrel, shot glass sets, corkscrews or bottle openers, beer steins, a bottle of their favorite liquor or, for the poker playing crowd, personalized decks of cards or poker chips all make fun groomsmen gifts.

Sports items – From sports jersey to event tickets, items that feature the logos of their favorite NFL, MLB, NBA, etc. team and personalized baseball hats these make great groomsmen gifts—no matter what the age of your groomsmen. Other sports related groomsmen gifts include golfing equipment or perhaps a voucher for time at their favorite course, fishing gear and camping equipment.

Outings – Not all groomsmen’s gifts have to be something you can wrap. Think outside the box and plan a casino night (Hmm….is Vegas or Atlantic City in the budget?), a camping or fishing excursion, a sporting event or even concerts are all great ways to let your groomsmen know how much they mean to you.

Personal items – Want to keep the groomsmen gifts simple and maybe even more practical? Then consider the following ideas for best buds: engraved pocketknife or multi-tool, cufflinks, money clip, lighters, pens, business card holders and wallets.

BBQ/Grilling gear – Another great groomsmen gift option is grilling items such as a nice set of grilling gear—metal spatula, tongs, grill tray, and perhaps some seasonings and a fun apron. After all, there’s always time to throw a steak or two on the grill and hang out with friends!

Buying groomsmen gifts is quite fun and it is a wonderful to say thanks to the guys who have stuck with you through thick and thin. Put some thought into the groomsmen gifts you chose and then get ready to see the smiles.

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