The Engraved Flask: A Perfect Groomsmen Gift

by dreamflasks

Shopping is not something that tops many grooms’ list of favorite things to do. Consequently, when it comes time to shop for the groomsmen gifts, they find themselves in a bit of a quandary. Yea, they want to do something special and unique for the guys who have been there through thick and thin, but the thought of spending a great deal of time shopping, can be a bit daunting. Enter the engraved flask.

Hip flasks have been in use for centuries and have long been a favorite gift item for men – especially as part of wedding festivities. In fact, history states that flask are often given as groomsmen gifts because it would ensure the success of the marriage; it is viewed as a symbol that while the groom’s new life will mean spending more time with his bride, that his friends will not be forgotten. The engraved flask takes things a step beyond, as it shows that the groom knows his friends well, and has taken the time to select an engraved flask that is a reminder of the friendship.

Tips for Selecting Engraved Flask

While in bygone years, flasks were of a more standard shape and material, today there are many options from which to select. So, should one chose to purchase engraved flasks as gifts, be sure to consider the variety of flasks features. These can include the material it is made out of (wood, metal and even see-through styles), the shape (can be the traditional square, circular, triangular or even horn-shaped) and adornment (leather, etched or decorated).

If you opt to give engraved flasks as gifts, then it is vital that you give a bit of thought to what to have depicted. After all, what is the point of having an engraved flask, if there is no significance? Some engraved flask ideas might be to include a quote, a funny memory, the person’s initials, their role in the wedding, the name of the bride and groom and the wedding date. A side regarding the engraved flask – engraving is often charged by the character, so one may wish to keep the engraved flask message short, if on a tight budget.

If budgeting is a must, it is recommended that one choose the traditional square flask, then have it engraved with just the recipient’s initials. Even a simply engraved flask is wonderful way to let your groomsmen know that they are important and special to you.

Also, if you have some groomsmen where, for whatever reason, an engraved flask might not be appropriate, consider an aluminum drinking bottle. These, too can be engraved to commemorate the occasion.

Engraved flasks are a wonderful and classic way to say thanks to those friends who have been there for you through all life has had to offer. By taking the time to have the flask engraved, you are letting each one of them know just how much they mean to you. Besides, being sure your buds have an engraved hip flask means that they are ready for a quick toast, at any given time! So, select the engraved flask with care and get ready to celebrate.


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