Personalized engraved flasks – They will thank you

by dreamflasks

Looking for a possible gift for bride’s grooms, I never thought of all the various situations in which a flask would come in handy. Prior to my one small reason to search the internet for personalized engraved flasks, I did not realize the enormity of the types and styles of flasks. The immense variety of styles, sizes, quality, materials, designs that are available at Dream Flasks got me to thinking … Hey, for just about every reason I lug around a multitude of water bottles/containers, I could use ONE customized or personalized flask! Instead of populating the world with my water bottles and other various liquid containers, hoping they’ll at least be recycled, I could be using an engraved flask! All those expensive, cute, decorator drink receptacles I have bought and lost over the year…If only I had had a personalized engraved flasks. Something that would have had some sort of identifier engraved on it. If I had had that I probably would not be out purchasing new liquid containers on a regular basis.

I started purchasing “impressive” looking jugs, bottles, glasses thinking I was being cute or cool. Heck I thought, at least I was using something re-useable instead of wasting plastic bottles and filling trash receptacles with unwanted trash! Then I began leaving them everywhere I went. The money I spent ranged anywhere from $2.00 to $22.00 for these precious liquid containers. I am one of those people who feel you cannot go anywhere with water or some type of liquid with you….Do you have any idea how many really cool customized engraved flasks I could have bought with all that money? I mean think about it what are you less likely to leave behind somewhere? Wouldn’t you be less likely to leave behind something that fit in your pocket, pants, shirt or purse for that matter?

And after getting disgusted with losing my “designer” bottles or fancy “to go” cups, I started reusing plastic water bottles. That is until I read about the BPA dangers in using the plastic bottles as containers. Not to mention the fact that despite my recycling efforts I was adding to the negative environmental issues of too much garbage! Now I have forgotten the reason I even came to this fabulous site filled with endless choices in engraved flasks. Oh yeah, a gift for men, and I am a woman. There are actually flasks designed for women! Oh my stars! Are there ever. There are personalized engraved flasks for female in a large variety of styles that can be customized to your desire as well. All I could think of was, forget the groomsmen’s gifts, I need to get one or two or three engraved flasks for myself! Maybe one for dress, one for casual, one for small amounts of drinks, one for larger amounts, one for my purse, one for my pocket, one for bike rides, one for my car, HECK even one personalized engraved flasks for the dog to take on dog outings!!! I think I’m on to something. Anybody else out there thinking of the other multitudes of uses of these specialty flasks???

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