Customized Engraved Groomsman Flasks

by dreamflasks

Wedding is a special event for a bride and groom to tie the knot and start a new life. In most weddings, the groom has his best friend, brother, cousin or father to be his best men or groomsman at his side. The groomsman has an important role in the groom’s life for he serves as advisor to the groom beforehand. The groomsman helps the groom to be organized, aids with any wedding planning details, helps seat guests the wedding, and occasionally holds onto the ring.

As history has it, the ancient flasks have been used by Greeks, Romans, and Scotts for hundreds of years, made of hard fruits and leather hides. These vessels have been noted to be a symbol of masculinity. This tradition carried over into the 18th century, yet flasks where then made of different material due to different environments and locale.

Today we continue using flasks to honor our special men in our lives. We carry on this tradition of customized engraved groomsman flask into our western wedding ceremonies to honor the special best man who stands by the groom in all occasion of life. The times they spend together at office parties, golf games, get-well party, birthday parties or just any times they honor one another!
A groomsman takes on considerable expenses involved in being model best man at the wedding. He, the groomsman, has to pay for his travel hotel and appeal also arranges bachelor parties, and organize gifts at the wedding. In order to honor this special person in your life, arrange a customized engraved groomsman flask or any one of our embossed collection of unique flasks, that will be cherished for all his life and create an even deeper bond between the groomsman and the groom.

At we have a variety of flasks that can be used for groomsmen gift ideas. Check these ones out:

Original flasks were made of glass, leather, hide, and/or silver. Today’s flasks are commonly made of stainless steel, which is rust proof. Stainless steel has a masculine rustic, yet elegant look. It is easy to engrave for any occasion. Stainless steel does not change the liquid’s taste and therefore preferred by many over leather flasks. Stainless steel flasks are safe, in case they are dropped; nothing breaks, compared to the glass counterparts.

Our flasks come in different sizes 6oz flasks and 8oz flasks to hold various liquids; from your desirable liquor, to a cough medicine, or even water. Due to its make of stainless steel, it holds your drink cool. At we pride ourselves to provide you with the best engraved flask design for your honorable groomsmen in your life. We suggest you can never get enough from our hip flasks for all occasion. Please visit our site at for special discounts.